I am currently a chiropractic student at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. I always wanted to start dating since moving, but felt I did not have the time to go out and meet people. My friend convinced me to start online dating, but I knew I wanted a Christian girl, so she convinced me to try ChristianMingle.

I had a profile for about two months before meeting Kylie. We exchanged phone numbers and talked for a while before deciding to meet up for a date. After about a month we officially started dating, and the feelings and emotions moved very quickly. I knew that God had blessed me with something more amazing than I could have dreamt of.

After eight months of officially dating, I asked her to marry me, and she said “Yes.” We are currently planning our wedding for May 2nd, 2015. Starting our lives together is something we both cannot wait for, and we would never have found each other if it weren’t for ChristianMingle. She lives about an hour from me in a small town that I did not even know existed until I met her, and funny enough, I passed through her town when we first began talking.

God truly showed me how much this was meant to be. Her family and mine were surprisingly very glad we decided to do online dating and knew we would be a perfect match from the beginning.

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