The first contact I had with Krystel was on July 15, 2012. After several weeks of emails and then phone conversations, we met face-to-face on August 12, 2012. We knew right away that we had a mutual attraction and we put any possible future in God’s hands.

God was active in our courtship and even though we lived 276 miles apart, our relationship was strong and grew fast. I spent so many of my days off in her town that, by November, I rented a one bedroom apartment to be closer when visiting her. By Thanksgiving, we had met the other’s side of the family to obtain their approval. By Christmas, a ring was given and accepted. Although an exact date is not scheduled, we are planning on being married this summer!

I was really skeptical when first joining ChristianMingle, but I now realize that there are some very quality people looking to pursue a Godly relationship on this site. I have never been happier!

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