KristyandAaron01A Kentucky girl meets a Georgia guy who is the man of her dreams! This story might not make the front cover of a newspaper, but in our lives it was truly life-changing.

Before registering for ChristianMingle, we had both gone through serious relationships that hadn’t worked out. Both of us were even close to marriage at a similar point in time and we were discouraged but also hopeful that online dating could be an avenue for God to bring us to the person he had for us to marry. Neither of us could have imagined what was in store when we took a leap of faith and signed up for ChristianMingle.

After some time went by, eventually Kristy searched a large enough radius that she noticed Aaron’s profile. Because of the long distance between our locations, we had never come across each other. The profile view by Kristy caught Aaron’s eye and he sent a short message. Soon, a couple of emails led to phone calls, then to KristyandAaron02FaceTime calls and eventually meeting in person. A long-distance relationship wasn’t what either of us had been expecting when we signed up, but after communication began, there was an instant connection and we were excited to see what was in store. Despite the five and a half hour drive that separated us, it was the easiest and most natural dating relationship that either of us had ever experienced. We embarked on a fun year full of phone calls, traveling for dates and getting to know each other.

After nine months of long-distance dating and a four-month engagement, we were married on August 8, 2015 and now are living together in Kentucky. We are thankful to ChristianMingle and, most importantly, thankful to God for using this resource as a way for us to find each other. ChristianMingle was only a very small step in the story of our lives together, but a very important one. We will always be grateful for it.

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