During the early part of January 2012 while I was recovering from foot surgery, my daughters convinced me to sign up for ChristianMingle. I was extremely apprehensive, but decided to give it a try. Little did I know that on the other side of town, a man named Jeff was being pushed by his sons to try something like ChristianMingle because they did not want their dad to be alone.

On January 19, 2012, Dion51 sent me a smile. The next day, he sent me a card and then something each day after that. I finally decided to respond, and after a few emails he decided that he wanted to hear my voice, so he gave me his number. I called him and we talked for a couple of hours. After many phone conversations, Jeff decided that we needed to meet face to face. On February 15, 2012, we met at Starbucks and just talked for more than three hours. We hit it off right away.

We began going on dates to the movies as I was being cautious, and did not allow him to come to my home. After a few dates, he asked to take me to Flemmings, which is a very nice restaurant.  I decided to let him pick me up at my home. While I was waiting on him to pick me up, he called me to tell me he had arrived, and I thought he was out front. I was wondering why he had not come to the door, so when I looked out front and did not see him I asked him, “Where exactly are you?” and he told me that he was at Flemmings. I laughed so hard and asked him if he forgot to pick someone up. He told me that he thought I was meeting him at the restaurant. Of course, he came and picked me up right away. We shared a really nice dinner and good conversation, and from that moment we spent all of our free time together. Three months into dating, he told me that I was going to be his wife and I thought he was joking because we were still getting to know one another, but he told me that he had been praying about it and believed that God told him I was “the one.” So, we continued dating and enjoyed getting to know one another.

One evening in June, Jeff told me that he needed to go to Jared and pay his bill. Upon arriving, we were greeted by name and I was dumb founded. The representative began showing me around the store as I had never been there before, while Jeff went off with his representative that he always does business with. During my tour she began to ask me about our relationship and how we met. Then she asked me the question I was dreading, “What is your ring size?” I did not respond, but suddenly realized that we were standing at a counter and there were at least six different bridal sets, preselected by Jeff, displayed for me to look at and choose from. I began to cry and gave her my ring size. After trying all of them on, I ended up choosing the same set that Jeff had chosen earlier! Then, she walked me over to the men’s rings and I again chose the same band for Jeff that he had chosen earlier. I was beginning to believe that we were meant to be together. However, Jeff did not propose that evening.

On August 25, 2012, Jeff once again told me that he needed to stop at Jared’s before dinner and this time I waited in the car. I thought we were going to a new restaurant that I had really wanted try, but we ended up at Flemmings and were seated at the same table we sat at during our first dinner date. We even had the same waiter again! During dinner, Jeff took out a ring box and proposed and we are getting married on September 20, 2014.

We are so thankful to God, our children, and ChristianMingle for bringing us together; neither of us thought that we would ever be this happy in a relationship again.

Thank-you ChristianMingle!

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