Dan and I met on ChristianMingle in May 2014 when my friend set up a profile for me. She knew I would never do it on my own. Dan had been on the site for a few months and had given up on finding someone.

My friend purchased a month subscription for me for my birthday and then gave me “homework” as the days went on to make sure I actually used my account. I was to email a couple guys at one point. I saw my future fiancé and thought he was the “jackpot” and decided I had nothing to lose, so I emailed him to appease my friend. Little did I know, he had seen my profile and thought, “that girl is way out of my league, there’s no point in emailing her.” Well he got my message and we started emailing.

We met two weeks later and starting dating the next week. It was an instant connection. We both knew right away that the other was “The One” who God had for us all along. We even found out that we actually have mutual friends/connections and have even been at the same events, but never met!

Dan proposed in downtown Toronto at the Christmas Market in the Distillery District on November 29, 2014 and there was no question whether I wanted to marry him or not. I said “YES!” and could have married him that instant. Our engagement actually made the news on CityTV in Toronto as our proposal was caught in the background of another person’s photo, unknowingly for them until a few days later. We were known as the “mystery couple” in Toronto for a few days before we realized we were being tracked down. We were interviewed on live TV and had a segment on the 6 o’clock news. It made our engagement that much more eventful.

We are currently planning our wedding for September 19, 2015 and it can’t get here fast enough. Had it not been for ChristianMingle, we may not have ever officially met and been able to get to know each other. We are so in love, excited for our wedding day and a life together. Here we both were, not expecting to find our husband/wife online, and boy were we wrong!

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