The idea of joining a dating sight had never even crossed my mind because I’m young and a student at a college where 70% of the student population is male, but for about a year I kept seeing this advertisement for ChristianMingle to the right of my Facebook page and thought it looked interesting, but I never actually took the time to look into it. Then one day I was super bored so I decided to finally check it out. So I made myself a profile and went on to spend countless hours searching for matches and talking to some really nice guys.

Then about 2 days later I came across this guy’s profile that COMPLETELY captured my attention so I decided to send him a smile. Not even an hour had gone by before he responded to my smile with a message! I was so excited, but bummed at the same time because reading that message meant spending some of my almost nonexistent college money. However, considering how my life has completely changed due to such a minute monetary sacrifice, I now realize that by making that payment, I was actually making an investment on my life and on my amazing future! That message Kyle sent me led to countless hours we spent talking via Facebook and eventually over the phone. We were planning on meeting up, but we didn’t know when or how we were going to do so since I went to school in Atlanta and he was stationed 350 miles away in Pensacola, Florida as a pilot for the Navy.

After about a week of trying, but failing to figure out how we were going to meet up for the first time, Kyle got news (unfortunately on his 23rd birthday) that his Aunt died and that he had to fly home to Olympia, Washington for her funeral and to be with his family. It just so happened that the cheapest flight he could find was out of the Atlanta airport, which is 10 min from Georgia Tech! So he drove up to Atlanta a couple days later and we finally met up, and like we imagined, hit it off RIGHT away! I dropped him off and picked him back up from the airport so he could save himself the overpriced cost of parking his car in the airport parking lot. I knew from the short amount of time we had together that the feelings I had for Kyle were so real and I knew without a doubt that we would end up together! And I couldn’t have been more right! : )

About two weeks later, I drove down to Pensacola to see him again, and that’s when we decided to become official! I later found out that Kyle had been sitting around in Pensacola for about 6 months waiting to class up, when he should’ve started class no more than a month after he moved down to Pensacola!…and that after this six-week class, he would be re-stationed in TEXAS (which is about a day and a half drive for me)! There was, however, a one in a million chance that he’d be stationed in Milton, Florida, which is about an hour closer to Atlanta! We knew that we wouldn’t know where he’d be going until he officially classed up, but we prayed about it fervently until that day, and by the glorious grace of God, he was placed in Milton! God had answered our prayers and has made the long distance easier and easier on us! It’s amazing how everything works out the way you hope it will when you have God’s blessing in your relationship!

It has now been almost 7 months and we are head over heels in love with each other! Kyle is without a doubt my soul mate and we plan on spending the rest of our lives together with God’s blessing. My family absolutely ADORES him and already treats him like part of the family.

I flew up to Washington to meet his family this past Christmas and fell in love with them right away, and they are now planning on flying down to spend the fourth of July with me and my family at our lake house. Kyle is EVERYTHING I ever could have wanted in a boy and so much MORE!

I believe there’s a reason I kept seeing the ChristianMingle ad on Facebook, and a reason I was so drawn to it, and a reason that we both joined the site within about a day of each other. I feel so blessed to have been led to find this amazing boy and I feel like God has really had his hand on us throughout our relationship. I have grown so much in my faith since having met Kyle and together we both continue to grow in Him. God just has the most amazing and perfect timing in everything and I feel truly blessed to have such a loving and forgiving Father. I couldn’t be happier right now…and I owe it ALL to the big man upstairs because God couldn’t have done a more perfect job picking out the most perfect guy for me!

By the way, my twin sister, Kirsten, joined this site a couple days after I did, and in less than a week met a guy who lives up in Idaho who she’s now been dating for close to five months. Though they live about 2500 miles away from each other, they have found the opportunity to visit one another about once every three weeks which is amazing if you ask me! So we can BOTH thank ChristianMingle for the opportunity to meet the man of our dreams in less than a WEEK of being signed up! And more importantly, we can thank God for leading us to this site and for patiently waiting for us to realize what was right in front of us all along!

Kelsey and Kyle (kheady3 & krwestman)

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