Toward the end of January, Kaylie messaged me on ChristianMingle.  After seeing her message, I noticed that we were both a 100% match. As I read her profile, I just couldn’t believe how similar our responses were. We began to message back and forth, and then preceded to text each other until we set a date to meet on February 9, 2011 at 3:00p.m. I definitely won’t forget that day.

As corny as I can make this, I was completely blown away when I saw Kaylie because she was just gorgeous! Now I’m not much of a talker and maybe some would even say I’m a little shy, but we talked for 3 hours! The amount of things we had in common was incredible. Besides the typical things like music and food, we both had a heart for youth ministry, our fathers were in the same construction business, went to community college at the same time, worked in the mall just stores apart from each other, and we ended up living only 5 minutes apart! We both thought about all the times we may have run into one another and it just gave us chills.

One thing that was different for us was we were both single for a long time to focus on our walk with Christ and grow in our faith. We prayed throughout the first couple of months about our relationship and finally made it official. So we continued dating and things just clicked.

In September 2011, just merely 7 months after we met, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be with Kaylie for the rest of my life and she was God’s provision for me. I began to ring shop and started planning my proposal. An opportunity arose when she went out of state for a wedding for a few days which allowed me to make more plans.

In October, a couple of weeks before Halloween, we were engaged. The proposal and the ring that I found were absolutely perfect. She had no idea it was coming.

We set our date for April 20, 2012 and had the most picture perfect wedding we could think of. It was a small intimate wedding in our log cabin church. We had just about 60 people who were all close friends and family.  On our wedding day, I had a surprise gift for my bride. I went back on ChristianMingle and I was so happy to see that our conversation was still saved in my messages!  I printed them on nice ivory paper and rolled them up like a scroll with ribbon, and had it delivered to her dressing room. It was the perfect gift.

Since we’ve been together, we have told everyone our story. We hope that our story can cause others to step out in faith and let God work in their life through ChristianMingle. Thank you, God bless, and keep doing the work you are doing to bring Christians together!

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