I openKayla&Donald05ed an account in September, as I had fervently prayed for a spouse with specifics in mind. I had prayed before creating an account, wondering if I was being impatient with God in answering my prayers. I had a bad experience on another dating site, so I was even more hesitant. However, after being on the site only a few days, a man sent me a smile with a cute message attached. I read his profile, which only had a little information filled out, leaving me to question the missing details. He quickly caught my interest, and I was extremely intrigued. His favorite artist/music was a Christian artist, and he knew Christian music and had a passion for Christ through worshiping.

My first time speaking to him on the phone was easy and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I waited
anxiously throughout the days to receive texts from him and couldn’t wait to hear his voice again. We decided to meet after a few weeks of talking. I knew from the moment I saw him in Kayla&Donald03the parking lot; I had fallen. The date was interesting and not like any other dates I had been on. We had spent a lot of time in the truck together, but there were no awkward moments and tons of laughter and smiles. We laid everything out for what we were looking for in life, relationships and relationship with God. We were not going to waste each other’s time, but by the end of the date, we wanted each other’s time entirely.

By the second date, we couldn’t help but to express our newly found love. I lived in West Virginia, and he lived in north eastern Pennsylvania. We prayed about our next move, and God opened one door after another. I had several job offers quickly and was able to make a smooth transition to Pennsylvania. We didn’t want to live in sin and had children involved, so we married only 3 months after knowing one another. Although it has only been a short while, we both know we are the answers to each other’s prayers.

God provided so much mKayla&Donald04ore by giving us one another; we didn’t know how much we needed one another in other small and big ways. Each day, we grow closer to each other and work to grow closer to God in our marriage. We wanted to reach out and thank ChristianMingle for helping us find one another. Distance meant nothing when it came to an answered prayer from God. We send our thanks and blessings!

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