Tim and I met on ChristianMingle.com in May of 2012 after I witnessed my mother’s success in meeting, and eventually marrying, her husband. Tim had been on the site for about a year, but never connected with anyone. I was on the site for about two weeks before finding Tim’s profile. I was immediately interested in this character and could tell right away that he had wit, humor, loved the Lord and was genuine. Once we actually started chatting online and getting to know each other, we both felt that the Lord had connected us! As Tim explained his love for geocaching and I shared my love for singing on my church’s worship team, we both knew that this connection was unique.

We met in person on June 6th, 2012. Originally we had scheduled a first date on the 22nd (due to Tim being in the middle of finals), but I couldn’t wait any longer and drove to his college campus to meet Tim after class. We met for lunch at a local Chipotle and confirmed the attraction we had for each other as we talked during the meal. Neither of us wanted to end our date, so after lunch we went to an outdoor mall where we shared many “first date memories,” including Tim enthusiastically sniffing a sample of perfume, me slaughtering Tim in a bowling showdown, Tim redeeming himself by beating me in a game of pool, and the two of us buying a meal for a homeless man outside of a local bookstore.  From the first moment we met, God was at the center of our relationship.

Fast forward to April 2013 – Tim was approaching his six-month anniversary at his new job and convinced me to celebrate with a romantic dinner in Laguna Beach.  Little did I know that Tim was instead planning on taking me to a breathtaking, secluded view overlooking the beach and the ocean at Brown’s Park, where he had two close friends (that I had never met) posing as tourists and secretly filming the entire proposal!  As I started getting suspicious, Tim decided to throw me off the scent by sending himself an email from a fake email account posing as the ring designer, saying that the ring we were interested in had just sold and that we could come visit to see if we were interested in any other rings. Needless to say, I was *crushed* and even suggested that we go look at rings *the same day that Tim was planning to propose!*

On the day of the proposal (April 28th, 2013), Tim and I enjoyed breakfast at Denny’s (where Tim was so nervous he could barely eat!) and made our way to Laguna Beach. We spent the early afternoon window-shopping and browsing through the art galleries (while Tim was glued to his cell phone, making sure the “tourists” were on their way, able to find parking, and were ready to film).  Tim thought of everything, even making sure my makeup bag was brought with us (“in case we decide to splash around in the water before our dinner!”), so I could freshen up after he popped the question. As we were shopping and walking the various art galleries in the area, I couldn’t help but notice Tim kept checking his phone every few minutes. Smooth as ever, he came up with a perfect excuse to lead me to Brown’s Park.  As we gazed out into the horizon, Tim managed to tell me through his tears that we weren’t there to celebrate his six-month anniversary.  He then dropped to his knee and proposed.  I was absolutely *shocked*, as not only was Tim proposing to me, but he had proposed with the ring that I had fallen in love with many months ago while ring shopping with him!  Of course I said “YES!”

From there we made our way to a local restaurant/brewery, where I was again surprised by approximately thirty of our closest friends and family – all there to celebrate our engagement!  (Tim had also planned and set up this gathering about three months prior to the event).

My final surprise came later that afternoon, when Tim informed me that I would have the next day off from work and would be spending the day celebrating with him at Disneyland!

God has blessed us more than we can ever express, and we’re so happy to have him in the center of our relationship! We are excited for the upcoming wedding on October 4th, 2014 and are looking forward to growing old together.

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