Mike and I met on ChristianMingle. Mike is from Kentucky and I was from Ohio. I was looking for someone that lived within fifty miles of me, and Mike was looking for someone within one hundred miles of him. However, God saw it fit for two people that were two hundred miles apart to meet. We began communicating on September 4, 2012. I guess you could say that we were both very interested, because we met face-to-face for the first time four days later. We have talked every day since! Through our conversations we realized that we actually grew up very close to one another. We continued to spend nearly every weekend together.

On July 9, 2013, Mike asked me to be his wife. His daughter spends the summer with him, and she really wanted to be at our wedding, so we planned a small ceremony for July 18th. Our friends and family had a very nice reception for us on July 28th. It has been quite a transition for me to move to Kentucky with my two children, but I can see God’s hand in providing a husband for me, and a father figure for my kids. I am thankful that ChristianMingle was the avenue God used to bring us together.

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