God’s timing is perfect timing!

We first met on ChristianMingle on November 3, 2011.  We had both been on the site less than one month. I (Kathy) had lowered the age limit of the men as I really wasn’t interested in the age group I had chosen. So, when I lowered the age group, that is when Frank’s picture popped up. (He is seven years younger than me.)  I saw his picture and at that instant, I knew there was something special about him.  I sent him a “hello,” he said “hi” back (you have those phrases that you can send, or, at least you used to), I then said “Hi” again, and he emailed me back through ChristianMingle. We talked for about two weeks on the phone, and then finally met in person!  Frank took me to one of my favorite restaurants. We really hit it off and had great chemistry! It’s like we had known each other for a while, and we were both very comfortable around each other! Within a few days of meeting each other, we both took ourselves off ChristianMingle.  We made another date that night, continued dating, and on March 28, 2014, we got engaged! He proposed to me at the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago, IL! We have a wedding date planned for September 26, 2015!  
What made our ChristianMingle experience successful?  I think it was a combination of things: having like-minded beliefs and a way to connect with other Christians was key! We are so blessed and thankful that we met each other!  Thank you to ChristianMingle!

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