After dating for several years and having much heartbreak, I figured that I may just be single for the rest of my life. I had imagined that I would be getting married when I was in my early 20s so when I was nearing 30 without a prospect, I figured that I should begin praying that God would change my desire to be a wife and mother.


That year, I had several friends, both believers and non-believers, tell me that they felt like I should sign up for ChristianMingle. I even had my Christian chiropractor say he would begin praying that I would meet someone when I was 30. After about the tenth person told me that I should sign up, I figured that God must be directing me to this website to meet my future husband.


I teach at a Christian school and attend a small church, so there weren’t really any options in my area. Thus, I was surprised to meet all of these wonderful men on ChristianMingle once I signed on in March. One of these men was Mike. We started corresponding on March 25, 2012 through e-mail. On Easter, which was April 8th, I remember praying to God and asking Him that if He wanted me to get to know Mike better, then He would provide the opportunity. That evening Mike happened to be online at the same time that I was, and we instant messaged for a couple of hours.


We decided to set up regular times to instant message over the next couple of weeks, and our first date was April 25th. We went hiking at a nearby mountain, and he packed a picnic and gave me flowers. We only lived 20 miles from each other, but I don’t know how else we would have met if it wasn’t for ChristianMingle! We began dating exclusively, and it was a totally different experience than from others I had before. Mike is such a kind, thoughtful man. For our third date, he borrowed a friend’s place that overlooks the mountain we climbed. When I arrived, there was a note to go around the back to the deck. When I got there, I saw flowers and candles and heard jazz music playing. He came out with dinner which had a bunch of my favorite foods. I was amazed that he would take this kind of time to make the evening special.  


The first time Mike met my mom, he gave her flowers! She was just blown away that a man I was dating would think to give her a gift. I spent the next few months in a relationship that I had always dreamed about but never expected. I just knew that God had placed us together, and it’s true that He has a better plan for us than we have for ourselves. All my prayers to marry a wonderful man were fulfilled. I just needed to be patient and realize that God had a different timetable than I did. He proposed in the evening of November 26th in Boston at a park that we had visited before, and we got married April 20, 2013!


Everyone in our lives has been supportive and thrilled for us, and I’m so thankful for a relationship originated and blessed by God. I am looking forward to a lifetime of wonderful memory-making with my husband!

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