Our Story begins with a tragedy. Karen’s husband lost his two-year fight to lung cancer. Two more years passed and Karen decided to try online dating with ChristianMingle. Armed with nerve (and a couple of Yuenglings as support), she commenced her search. Karen would later tell me that she just wanted to have fun and enjoy herself — after all that transpired, she wasn’t going to marry me! 

We began conversing on May 26, 2013 — that’s 5/26. Time passed, some good, some tearful. On day 526 — January 27, 2015 — I asked Karen to be my wife. She first turned her back on me, refused to answer in disbelief, and asked if I was serious. After all that transpired, she WAS going to marry me!

We wedded on June 27, 2015, with our closest family and friends present to witness God’s handiwork.  Out of chaos came order, tragedy turned to comic relief, and from God came inner peace that we were making the right move. Thank you ChristianMingle for providing the means — technology — to our happy ending, or should we say, our happy BEGINNING!  God works, not in mysterious ways, but in HIS way.  

During our courting stage, Karen confided in me, a comment made by her hairdresser, that there was room in her heart to love again. After all, this hairdresser experienced circumstances similar to those of Karen, only to find room in HER heart to remarry. 

One never knows when someone will be sent into your life, but be assured it is always for a reason.  There is no such thing as coincidence — some call it “God’s plan.” Karen and I call it — ChristianMingle. Thank you.

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