Keep your head down and attack.

That’s a principal I employ when I’m facing the daunting task of running hills.  The theory is that we’re easily defeated by the looming mountain ahead of us but it becomes much more manageable if we just tackle it step by step.  Focusing on this concept is the only way that I can continuously conquer the rolling hills of Tennessee.

But I’ve realized this is far more than a running principle.  It applies to so much of our life and leadership.

God didn’t intend for us to focus on the mountains, the challenges looming in the distance.  He asked us to focus on his guidance for the next step.

When we focus on the mountain, we become victims of fear, doubts and insecurities. We become overwhelmed by the belief that “I can’t do it”.  We stumble.  We falter and sometimes we stop.  We give up.

The truth is we can’t do it.  We can’t because the mountain is the wrong focus.  Our responsibility is the next step.

The step in front of is always smaller than mountain ahead of you.

With every step of willing obedience God provides the endurance for the rest of the journey.

Step by step our obedience sharpens our faith and the mountain shrinks before us.

When our faith collides with our obedience we realize that we can’t but God can.

What mountain are you focused on right now?

How could you change your focus to simply being obedient to a next step?

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