I received a smile from Julie on February 15, 2010. At this time, I was commuting between Phoenix and Las Vegas for work. I replied to Julie’s smile the next day and we quickly moved from sending messages to exchanging phone numbers and texting. Five days later, my younger brother was in a very serious car accident. Julie was the first person I called after I learned of the accident. My brother was in a coma for several months and, thanks to God, has since recovered.

From day one, I was completely honest with Julie about myself and my life. On March 5, 2010, we met in person and went to the movies. After we met, we did our best to either talk or text every day in the midst of my long commute.  

It was not until the summer of 2010 that Julie and I agreed we were comfortable enough with our relationship to meet each other’s children.  From the time we met, I have had a great relationship with Julie’s sons, and Julie has had a wonderful relationship with my children.

In November of 2010, I was able to end my weekly commute to Las Vegas. On Christmas Eve of 2012, I proposed to Julie! We set our wedding date for September 21, 2013. Our love story started with a simple smile. All of our thanks goes to ChristianMingle!

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