Against the odds, we were matched on your site! When signing up for ChristianMingle, we had both indicated that we did not want to be matched with anyone further than 50 miles away and yet, we were almost 200 miles away! We both signed up around the same time, within a day of each other, and my profile was the first one he saw. So, it started with a wee smile in February 2012 and then progressed to instant messaging and then to phone calls.

I was doing a program where I tried singleness and focusing on God for 30 days, so we did not meet until I had finished. This allowed us the chance to really get to know each other and start an amazing friendship. We met 6 weeks later and it was just as amazing in person! About 13 months after the first smile, we got married! Seeing as I am originally from Scotland, Jesse even wore a kilt for the wedding! He was a true Scotsman! Thanks for offering a great service. We truly did find God’s match for us and He knew better than to follow our preferences!

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