God had plans for us to be together way before we met each other in June of 2014.

Dave: I had stopped dating altogether for a year to take the time to pray to God to help me find my perfect wife. I wanted to let God know that I trusted Him and would be patient for the right person. I had been told by another Christian that we should pray for exactly what we hoped to have in a husband/wife.  I took the year to pray for a woman who would be a strong Christian, love me and my children, be athletic and like to be active with me, and if possible, have long hair and blue eyes. When I felt prompted to do so, I got on ChristianMingle. I got a Mingle Mail from Julie a week later.

Julie:  I had been walking in the park and praying to God. Thoughts popped into my head as I was walking: There was someone special picked out for me and together we will grow much stronger in our faith and make a big difference in other lives. This man is a strong Christian who loves going to church, praying, and volunteering. He will love my children and we will have the family life that I prayed for.  Strangely, one thought very specifically told me that this man will run the Warrior Dash with me. I had never run a 5K or any kind of race, but I had always thought it was very cool when I saw husbands and wives running it together on social media. I felt prompted to get on ChristianMingle and I found Dave within five months.

We quickly realized that we had many things in common, and that we understood each other and wanted the same things in life for ourselves and our families. After three dates, Dave asked me if I would be willing to watch him run the Warrior Dash or if I would run it with him. It was incredible and I understood immediately that it was God who took the time to talk with6 me in the park, and that this is the man that God had planned for me. 

We dated for five months before we got engaged. We both enjoyed our conversations and our prayers together every morning on our way to work. We had many running dates and ran the Warrior Dash, the Turkey Trot 5K, and the Christmas Story 5K. We got to know each other’s children and enjoyed going to their sports and events. We enjoy sharing with others how God chose us for each other and how he continues to answer our prayers. We married on March 20th, 2015 in the presence of our children and parents at a beautiful vineyard where we had enjoyed a few dates and where went on to get engaged.  We prayed and God blessed us with beautiful weather for both our outdoor ceremony and our honeymoon in Mexico.  Every day gets better as we become closer to each other, and closer to God.

God is so good!  We are looking forward to what He has planned for us and how we can work for Him.  We feel so blessed that He loves us enough to talk to us and answer our prayers.  He has filled us with such adoration and a desire to tell everyone how much He cares about each of us.

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