After my husband passed away, I was one of those people who said she would never get on a website to meet anyone! Two and a half years later, I learned one should never say “never.”  There I was, becoming a member on ChristianMingle, and I am so blessed that I did do something I said I would never do!

I was also one of those people who felt “safe” by distance because then, I would not have to meet anyone in person. That’s how I began my adventure with ChristianMingle—writing to guys in New York, Florida, Texas—anywhere far away. And that was fun, I must admit.

Throughout this process, I was being led to seek out a church other than the church my late husband and I had attended.  One Sunday, I was persuaded to attend one of the neighborhood churches about 15 minutes from my home. Of course I fought the thought of going somewhere new.  Anything new when you are a widow is somewhat frightening! But I went, sat in the sanctuary, listened to the sermon, and said, “Ok, God, big deal.”  I went home and continued to be “safe” on ChristianMingle by emailing guys in New York, Florida, and Texas.

And then, one day this man appeared in my geographical area who attended the new church. What? Are you kidding me? He lived about five minutes from my home.  Uh oh, that was a little too close for “safety.”’ And then, I questioned, why did you join this website if you didn’t really want to meet someone? So, I took the plunge. I sent him an email, a very generic email, mind you. If he answered, fine.  If he didn’t, fine. Much to my dismay, he answered! It nearly scared me to death! So, I slept on it. I did not answer him right away. Again, the next morning the same question raised in my head.  Why did you join ChristianMingle if you don’t want to meet anyone? So, I answered his email. He said he would rather talk to me on the phone instead of communicating with emails. He had given me his phone number, but said that if I would rather have him call me, he would need my number. So, I debated with myself, what do I say? You see, when you are my age,66, you wonder, “What are the rules of dating, now?” It had been too long. I didn’t know what to do, much less how to act. I knew I didn’t want to just email him my telephone number—so, I wrote: “Being born and raised in the South, I am a bit old-fashioned, so, I would prefer you call me.” And then, I added my phone number to the email.  Great! I did it! If he called, fine. If he didn’t, fine.  HE CALLED. And, that was the beginning of it all.

I was still somewhat apprehensive.  We talked for about an hour on the phone and he asked me to meet him for lunch. I told him I couldn’t meet until Friday of that same week.  Of course, I didn’t have anything else going on that week, but I needed time to get used to the idea I would be sitting across a table in a restaurant with a man after two and a half years of being alone.

We met at the restaurant, after fighting traffic jams and road construction. Both of us were pretty frustrated when we finally came face to face, because our profiles had both said: “I am usually early.”  However, we were both late!

Lunch lasted three and a half hours. Meeting him was my first date on ChristianMingle.  It was my “maiden voyage.” And yet, somehow I knew I was safe in his presence. His sense of humor made me laugh, his sensitivity made my eyes fill with tears, and he remains tender to this day. We knew God’s hand was all around this and that we were both, truly, blessed.

So much has happened. We have learned much about each other, with the same core beliefs in our amazing God and how He brought us together—through ChristianMingle. We will remain forever grateful for ChristianMingle; if it were not for God’s gentle nudging through ChristianMingle, we would not have met—even though we lived a mere five minutes from one another.

Ron and I will be married June 22, 2013. We are safe. We are secure. We thank God and ChristianMingle as we begin our new chapter in the future He has planned for us!

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