I had been on ChristianMingle for a couple years and had met some very nice people, but had not found love. It can get disappointing and I was actually taking a break from ChristianMingle when I received an email from Rick titled “AMAZING.” Of course I couldn’t read it, but it did catch my attention, so I decided to check out his profile. From what I could see in his profile, he met all the criteria I was looking for! He was taller than me, loved Jesus but not in a legalistic sort of way, had a sense of humor, leadership qualities, and he was a good writer.

I decided to renew my membership and read his email. I was impressed! It was short and sweet but I could tell he had read my profile and wanted to let me know he was interested. I messaged him that evening but he wasn’t available to chat so we made a plan for a later time to message. Our initial online conversations were very fun, respectful, and interesting. We became fast friends and would make chat dates as often as we could. Rick is an author and I was able to read his book fairly early on, which helped me learn a lot about him. I was very interested after that but was not sure where his heart was. He was very new to ChristianMingle and hadn’t met a lot of women yet, so I wasn’t sure if he wanted to explore other women’s profiles. He gave me his phone number after 3 long weeks and we began to text and talk instead of chat. At that point, I think we both confirmed that our feelings were growing for one another.

We were not able to meet until one month later. Rick was in the process of moving from out of state to where I live. It was something that was already in the works, but the timeline sped up once he met me in person. This was a fun confirmation that we would be in a position to continue to grow together as a couple.  Rick always says that he fell in love with my heart because we had gotten to know each other online through emails and long chat dates.  Once, during a long chat via the computer, Rick was being quite complimentary and seemed impressed with me.  I shared with him that the reason why I seemed so wonderful to him at that point was because he was seeing me “inside his head.”  Because he was new to online dating, I assured him that it was a very fun part of the process but until we met in person, there was still much more to learn about each other. 

I have to admit it was a little strange meeting in person for the first time because we knew so much about each other, had enjoyed intimate conversations, but had never actually locked eyes.  After taking a little time to settle into a comfortable conversation, we found we had so many things in common, namely our connection with the Lord.  I have fallen completely in love with this man and am grateful that there was a place like ChristianMingle that the Lord could use to bring us together.  It is an amazing love story that was built through many emails, chat messages, and phone calls and it continues to this day in person.  We plan on being married in April 2014.  Thank you, ChristianMingle, for providing the opportunity for us to meet!!!

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