Juana and I were both divorced and prayed that the next time one would be that special one.  Before joining ChristianMingle, I was residing in South Carolina where I had tried to find that special someone on my own. After a few failed attempts, I decided to give it to God. I retired from the police force and moved back to Brooklyn, NY, in September 2012, where my mother, sisters, and brother lived. After a couple of weeks, I saw an advertisement for another internet dating website, which reminded me that I had once thought about joining ChristianMingle.  Since I wanted to have a God-fearing mate, I joined!

Within the same week of my enrollment, Juana joined also. We both coincidently decided that we both would give ChristianMingle a month’s trial. Within a couple of weeks, around October 13, 2012, Juana and I connected.  Out of all of the potential matches that I came across, she stood out. Even though it required me to pay tolls to get to see her, this didn’t deter me from selecting Juana.

We then started calling one another on a daily basis for hours on end. We would talk during the week on an average of 90 minutes. Fridays and Saturdays we would be on the phone for 2 to 3 hours.  After about the first week of phone calls, we both agreed to meet in person.   We originally were supposed to meet within a few days, but Hurricane Sandy got in the way, which postponed our meeting. We agreed on meeting again in Perth Amboy where she lives.  Even though I didn’t know the area, we managed to find a Mexican restaurant.  We both were very nervous, but Juana was so nervous that before we could order our meal, she had asked whether we were going to have a relationship.  After several dates, in the second week of November 2012, I was head over heels for her and asked her if we could formalize the relationship.  She readily accepted my proposal to marry her and we have been engaged ever since!  

I was still living in Brooklyn so I could not see her as often as we wanted due to the toll cost, which was around $25 daily. I decided to relocate to the town where she lived. I then rented a room and found a job and we started seeing one another on a daily basis. A few months later, we agreed to set a wedding date for June 21, 2013. We are very pleased with one another and thank God often for bringing us together and for using ChristianMingle as an instrument. As a result of our success, I have learned to be patient and trusting whenever I put a problem or need in God’s hands. We hope that others would be as blessed as we both have been. Whenever I speak to family and friends, I often give credit to God and count Juana as a blessing.  She is what I’ve been looking and waiting for in my life!   

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