Bob and I both joined ChristianMingle because we wanted the security of meeting a person who was a Christian. We encountered a fast romance because, when you are the age that we are, you don’t have time to spare. We want to thank ChristianMingle for the opportunity in allowing us to meet one another.
We had our first and only date at a restaurant in Arizona on March 13, 2012. I was staying at a resort in Sun City, Arizona and Bob was in Yuma, Arizona during the winter.  Bob lived in Renton, Washington and I lived in Grove, Oklahoma, but thankfully we were both in Arizona at the same time. A lot has happened since that first date!
I left April 1st to return to Oklahoma and Bob left for Renton, Washington.  But, because of ChristianMingle, we were able to stay in contact.  Bob flew to Oklahoma on July 1 and we spent the next 10 days touring Oklahoma sights and getting acquainted with one another.
I flew to Renton, Washington in the middle of August and had the opportunity to get acquainted with his family. At that time, we decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, so Bob proposed to me! Miracles never cease!
We moved fast!  We were married in October 20 at the Faith Presbyterian Church, went on a week honeymoon to Cancun, sold my home in Oklahoma, bought a home in Arizona and moved to our new home, all within 18 days!
Again, I want to thank ChristianMingle for providing the tools to help us get acquainted.

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