I want to thank you for bringing my husband, Scott, and me together!  We were both previously divorced and searching for the person God was preparing for each of us to spend the rest of our lives with.

In December 2011, I was looking through the profiles and out of what seemed like hundreds of profiles, I read Scott’s profile and was impressed with the person he seemed to be.  I sent a message to him and told him that he sounded like a really nice guy and to look at my profile and send me a message, if he was interested. 

The next day he hadn’t responded so I sent him another message telling him I guess he wasn’t interested since I hadn’t heard from him.  He sent me a message saying that where he lived, Overland Park, KS was more than 50 miles away from Stillwater, OK where I lived (actually it was over 300 miles away).  I told him distance didn’t mean anything, but he said I had put on my profile that I didn’t want to meet anybody farther away than 50 miles from Stillwater, OK.  I told him I didn’t realize I had put that on my profile. 

We started exchanging messages and hit it off instantly.  In a couple of days, we exchanged phone numbers.  He called me and we spent a couple of hours on the phone.  We talked on the phone every day for long periods of time.  We found that we had a lot in common, and we really wanted to meet so we planned on meeting at Applebee’s in Emporia, KS on December 29, 2011. 

When I drove up to the restaurant, he was waiting for me outside, and the moment we saw each other it was love at first sight.   We knew God brought us together!

He is a University of Oklahoma fan and I’m an Oklahoma State University fan, which are rivals.  I asked him what size shirt he wore, he said XL, and I put a sack on the table and said, “Good!  You have no excuse not to wear this then!”  I gave him an OSU shirt and made him put it on!  He passed the test of true love since OSU was OU’s rival! We had an eight hour lunch!  We didn’t want to leave each other, but we had to go back to our homes.  He kissed me on the forehead and hugged me before he left so it was a good sign to him that I didn’t mind a little affection! 

We talked on the phone every day and decided to meet three days later at another restaurant in Emporia, KS.  We enjoyed being together again and had another eight hour lunch.  We were sad when it was time to go back to our homes. 

After this, we sent numerous emails and talked to each other every day on the phone.  One day in the middle of January 2012, I talked to Scott on the phone and he said he was on I-35.  I asked him if he was heading south and he confirmed that he was actually driving south on I-35 to come and see me in Oklahoma and come to the OSU-OU bedlam game!  We had a great time that weekend and this was the beginning of our amazing two-year long-distance relationship.  He would drive to Oklahoma or I would drive to Kansas almost every weekend.  I work at the Oklahoma State University ballgames, and I even got him started working at the OSU ballgames, his arch rival! 

Scott proposed to me on February 1, 2013.  We got married in Branson, MO on December 29, 2013, the two year anniversary of the day we met.  We went on a marathon cruise to the Caribbean in February 2014 for our honeymoon.  We had a long-distance marriage until Scott moved to Stillwater, OK in May 2014. 

We have an amazing marriage, and we know God brought us together!  I thank the Lord for ChristianMingle.  It was the tool that God used to bring Scott and me together to spend the rest of our lives sharing our love for each other while going down life’s journey that God has prepared for us and discovering the many blessings God has in store for us!

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