We met on ChristianMingle in April 2012 and started chatting regularly. Kevin lived/lives in Edmonton, AB – about 3.5 hours away. We chatted and got to know each other, and we both knew eventually we wanted to meet.

At the end of June 2012, we finally got the chance to meet face to face. He drove all the way down from Edmonton for our first official date. We went to the theatre here in Calgary and saw a showing of Snow White and the Huntsmen. All though the attraction was mutual, the initial meet was awkward and tense. The movie passed with minimal interaction as we “sized” each other up. After the movie we decided to go for coffee to actually talk and get to know each other. Three hours later we were laughing and telling stories; the connection was formed! Kevin then dropped me off and made the long trek back to Edmonton. I knew after that initial meeting that we wouldn’t see each other for at least two months as he was going back to his hometown of Hay River in the North West Territories to work for the summer. We continued to chat with emails and phone calls and eventually skype. After he returned back to Edmonton (to continue schooling to become a Mechanical Engineer Technologist), we got together again. This time I went up to Edmonton to spend the weekend. The romance blossomed that weekend and he introduced me to all his friends as his girlfriend, that’s when I knew we were official.

We continued to drive back and forth to see each other every weekend, and in February 2013 we did a big trip up to Hay River NWT to see his hometown and spend the week. It was beautiful, and one of our potential places to settle after we’re married. Shortly after that trip, due to some conflicts in scheduling, we took a break. In September 2013 we reconnected and our relationship grew stronger than ever. We had been going steady and happy and talking about marriage. In February 2014 we had a trip planned to go to Hawaii. He wasn’t very good at keeping secrets and I knew he wanted to propose around the time of our trip. So to catch me off guard he drove down midweek and waited for me to come home after work. It was January 21st, 2014. He didn’t talk to me for two days beforehand; needless to say leaving me worried and upset that I hadn’t heard from him. When I got home there was a single rose by the door, and as I came around the corner into the kitchen area, there he was, down on one knee. Tears already in his eyes, ring box out, and he barely got out, “Will you Marry Me?” I, of course, immediately started crying, ran into his arms, and said “Yes!” We cried and hugged, and then I looked at the beautiful engagement ring he had gotten me. I later learned that my real ring was being made, but he didn’t want to wait for it so he got the display ring to use in the meantime. We have been happily engaged since and busy planning our wedding and more excited and in love than ever.

We are getting married in a cute little country church just outside Calgary, and we are having a winter-themed wedding. All in all, we couldn’t be happier and I thank God every day that he found such a unique way of bringing Kevin into my life. He is my best friend, my partner in crime, and soul mate.

Thank You ChristianMingle for giving us an avenue to meet, and helping us to let our love story unfold.

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