My two-year-old daughter did something incredibly cute the other night.

Settling onto the couch with her freshly brushed teeth and hair, she opened her toddler Bible and said: “Jesus, where are you?”

As she flipped through the pages, she repeated: “Jesus, where are you?”

Jesus, where are you?

She is on to something …

As you open up your own Bible, what is your heart saying? I am not asking you to think about how often you read the Bible. What are you “saying” when you open the Word of God?

Sadly, I often read the Bible in a state of impatience, confusion, busyness, fear or out of duty. Let me add though that I do believe we are to search the Bible for comfort, direction or wisdom (2 Timothy 3:16). However, my heart should approach the Bible daily and read it with hope and trust first and foremost.

My two year old daughter opens up the Bible and asks: “Jesus, where are you?”

Katie wants to hear from Jesus. She wants to know Him and experience Him as she reads the words of Scripture. Katie’s mind cannot fully comprehend what she is asking, but she still asks. She trusts Jesus will show up and reveal Himself. I believe that God honors her request. (Jeremiah 29:13)

No wonder the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children. (Matthew 19:14)

What are we looking for when we open the Bible? May I suggest we open it to find Jesus before anything else? Comfort, direction, and guidance will come …

Jesus, where are YOU?

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