My husband and I met on ChristianMingle July 2013.  I had not even fully subscribed; I had the free profile because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to date, but wanted to see what was out there.  John, my husband, was the first guy who contacted me whom I felt had very similar interests, was very good looking, and he even attended my old church! I subscribed so I could communicate with him.

We started talking about our experiences at the church we had in common and, before I knew it, we were exchanging phone numbers. We met at a diner halfway between our two places (we only lived 35 minutes apart), and we talked and laughed the whole night. We went hiking the second time we hung out and the third time was our first official date! He picked me up and we went out to dinner. He ended up dancing with me in the parking lot of the restaurant, which I thought was so sweet. He pulled out my chair for me (a first) at dinner as well.  We made our relationship official September 8, 2013, and we dated for almost a year after that and planned to go on a mission trip to Alaska in August 2014 for two weeks.  While on our second day there, August 10 2014 (exactly one year from our first date), he proposed after hiking up a mountain! His whole family was there too.

We wanted a fall wedding, but didn’t want to wait until next year so we ended up getting married November 1, 2014.  Even though we live in NJ we decided to get married in Virginia because his great-great-great grandfather built a log cabin in the 1830s, which was recently bought and restored.  His great-great grandparents were married in the house, so we thought it would be special to get married there as well! We went on our honeymoon to Colorado and New Mexico, and now moved in together and it has been amazing! I never thought I would meet my husband online!

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