I joined ChristianMingle with the hope of finding someone with the same interests as me. Also, I wanted to have a serious relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. Originally, I was very discouraged with dating, but after fasting and praying, I stepped out in faith and decided to join the website.  Jeff, after crying out to God in prayer, joined too.  Both of us had bad luck dating under ordinary circumstances and were hoping for something different would happen.

At first, I met a few people but I didn’t find a connection until I sent Jeff a “yes.”  He almost immediately responded back to me with a “yes” and we began chatting!  Jeff impressed me with his intellectual conversation. After a few days of chatting, Jeff and I began talking on the phone. We would spend hours getting to know each other but still, somehow it seemed as if we had known each other our whole lives.

After about a week of talking on the phone, Jeff came to visit my church. Afterwards, Jeff offered to take my daughter and I to lunch. Impressed, we followed him to a nearby restaurant and after lunch, we ended up going to the park, bookstore, dinner and then to a movie. Throughout that week, Jeff and I continued taking on the phone and then shared Valentine’s weekend together.

He took me to dinner and hasn’t left me since. We spent that weekend together while my daughter was gone and then the next weekend, he asked me to be his official “girlfriend.” Over the past few months, Jeff, my daughter, and I have had a blast spending quality time together. It’s as if he was the missing piece to our puzzle. One of the wonderful things Jeff and I did for our relationship was attend a couples’ conference at a nearby church. That conference did a great job teaching us the dynamics of a healthy, Bible-based marriage. 

Then on June 15, 2013, Jeff took me to a showing at the planetarium. At the end of the show, the screen read: “Unconditional love is the only thing I can promise. You will always be my biggest testimony. Jessica Elizabeth Bruner will you marry me?” In shock, I lost my breath but once I caught it, I said “yes.” Then, as we walked out of the building, we saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky even though there had been no rain in our area that day. Therefore, Jeff and I truly believe the rainbow was a sign of God’s approval to our proposal. 

Our wedding date is set for December 30, 2013 and we are very excited. Through this experience, I learned to fully lean on my favorite Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11. No matter what we go through or how discouraging our situation may look, God has His PERFECT timing and ALWAYS “knows the plans He has for us.” 

We are both very thankful for the compatibility exams and the fact that amazing companies like yours are out there! God knew exactly what He was doing but we want to THANK YOU ALL AS WELL!

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