I joined ChristianMingle in February 2012, and immediately met my husband, Alex. We dated for about five months before he proposed on my 22nd birthday!  We got married on April 21, 2013. About a month into marriage Alex almost lost his life in a fishing incident. He was barefoot in lake water when he fell on a submerged log, and part of it lodged into his foot three inches and broke. During emergency surgery a chunk of wood was found one centimeter from his main artery. Alex not only came close to dying from that piece of wood, but it also caused an infection that started to spread up his leg, which could have resulted in amputation or even death. Long story short we believe that God brought us together and that we’re not meant to be apart. It’s taken Alex two and a half months to be able to walk again, and as odd as it sounds we are closer than ever because of it.

Thank you Christian Mingle for bringing the two of us together. We’d love to share our story with others, so that they may find hope through your site.

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