I decided to join ChristianMingle in the summer of 2010, while I was in graduate school in Philadelphia. I was new to the Philadelphia area and found that the only people I interacted with day to day were my fellow classmates. I was really looking to date outside of my line of work and due to my busy schedule, finding a potential spouse was difficult.

Jess was starting her first school year as an elementary school teacher in Southern New Jersey and had the sudden realization, while setting up her classroom, that all of her fellow colleagues were female. She attended a small church and was uninterested in finding relationships in a bar setting. So she decided to try online dating and became a ChristianMingle member around the same time that I did.

We messaged back and forth for a few weeks and exchanged telephone numbers. We eventually met in person on a park in the historic area of Philadelphia, where I took Jess out for dinner. We both were unsure of what to expect from online dating, but agreed that we were enjoying each other’s company. We exchanged testimonies and realized that night that there was something really special and unique about the date and how our personalities seamlessly meshed.

We were married a year and a half later! We would have never met without ChristianMingle. Our work places are totally separate and although we only lived about 15 miles away, we would have never had the opportunity to cross paths. So thanks again, Christian Mingle, for bringing our lives together!

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