On April 8th 2013 “knowPK” (aka Stacy) emailed me … “Rollergirl” (aka Jennifer). I had it two places in my profile that I wanted children and he had listed that he had kids and did not want any more. I waited a day after receiving his email, and just out of gratitude for his inquiry, I replied with a thank you, but that we were in different places in life. He responded very kindly that he does not know what God has in store for him and that one should marry their best friend (and not someone just to provide kids). We began emailing every day. Then after a few weeks we chatted on the phone and texted. I had a roller skating competition and was telling my skating coach about Stacy. I wanted to become GOOD friends before meeting and give it some time. She said to meet asap because I may not even like him … ha ha to her … I did not just like … but fell in LOVE with him.

Just after midnight on Monday April 22nd we met in person. When I got home at 1:30am I received a text that said “sleep good my love.” My jaw dropped! We spoke daily and began seeing each other more and more. On May 28th, we officially began dating. On July 10th, he proposed and I said “YES” before he even got down on 1 knee. We were wed on Saturday, January 11th 2014.
Here is some advice from Rollergirl…

I first signed up on ChristianMingle eight years before meeting my husband. I did have a few longer relationships during that time, but struggled to find a man with my same interests. I learned quickly that I needed to find out the details in a man that are considered “make it or break it” first before moving forward. I also wanted to marry my best friend and had to be sure the friendship had a firm foundation before moving on … that was a hard lesson to learn. It just so happens that the list of commonalities between Stacy and I are VERY long. We are both devoted Christians who love to study the Bible, roller skate, outdoor skate, hike, run, weight-lift, exercise (both of us are gym rats), watch movies, play board games, go for walks, eat healthy, manage our money well, keep a clean and organized house, we have the same ideas about raising children, back our car in when parking, share the same favorite sandwich (PB&J with Welch’s grape jelly!), and love being silly and goofy! Even our differences work out for us because I do not like tomatoes and he does, so he gets more and he likes that!

The best advice from knowPK… 

Never give up on love! It will find you when you least expect it and surpass all that you can ever imagine! I LOVE my wife to INFINITY AND BEYOND!!! I found her when I thought all hope was lost.

We wed in January and I finally got my winter wedding of silver and purple … Proverbs 31 says about a noble wife that “she is clothed in fine linen and purple.” I cannot THANK ChristianMingle enough for their website and offering me the wonderful opportunity to meet not just my husband, but my BEST FRIEND!!! We wish all those on ChristianMingle the best experiences life can offer (we learn from the good and bad) and pray each member finds their love just like we did.

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