Michael had been divorced for seven years and was attending singles study groups at his church.  One of the girls in his singles group asked him one night why he wasn’t with anyone.  When he said, “I don’t know,”  she told him to go on ChristianMingle.  He thought about it but was very skeptical of dating sites.  A week or so went by and at the beginning of March 2012, he decided to join.  Around the middle of March, I decided to join.  As a single mom of 5 year old identical twin boys, it was hard for me to get out and meet people.  I would log on once a day and flip through some of the profile pictures and Michael’s kept popping up.  One night, I decided to “smile” at him.  This was just days before his one month subscription was about to expire.  He smiled back, but not right away.  I found out later that he was trying to decide whether or not to renew his subscription.  So the joke is that I cost him another month’s subscription and I will not let him forget the fact that I picked HIM up! 


We started the usual ”get to know each other” conversations and exchanged messages every other day before we decided to meet.  We were set for that Friday evening.  I had arranged a sitter and everything, but never heard from him.  The next day I received an email from him stating that he had been in a little fender bender and that is why he didn’t contact me to finalize plans.  I accepted that and he asked me out for the following Friday night.  I was waiting for him to call and finalize plans and once again he stood me up!  At this point, I had pretty much written him off. 


The next morning I received an apology email.  He said he understood if I didn’t want to speak to him again.  I emailed him back and said that I had really enjoyed talking to him.  I gave him my phone number and told him the ball was in his court.  He called me not even two minutes after I sent that email.  We talked for a few minutes and he said he would call me later.  We spoke again that evening and he said he would call me after church the next day.  He called me at around 2 PM on Sunday and asked what I was doing.  I was getting ready to go for a run at our local lake.  He asked if he could meet me there.  We met that afternoon at the lake and walked almost three miles and talked the whole way.  


At the end of the walk, neither one of us wanted the day to end.   So, we drove down to the store to get something to drink.  While he was in the store I received a phone call from the twins’ grandmother.  They were spending the day with her and she wanted them to spend the night.  When Michael came out of the store, I said that I had to go.  I needed to run home and get clothes for the boys and run them over to their grandmother’s house before it became too late.  There again, neither one of us wanting the day to end, he offered to drive me to my house.  I am telling you this part because when I told him where I lived, he just laughed.  He had driven by my house thousands of times on his way to church and/or to friends’ houses.  But, we would never have met if it hadn’t been for ChristianMingle.  


On April 15, 2012, we met face to face and have not been apart since. On Mother’s Day, he told me he loved me.  On August 18, 2012 (my birthday weekend), he proposed.  On October 19, 2012, we bought a house.  On November 21, 2012, we were married. 


I chose ChristianMingle because I wanted someone to help me develop my relationship with God and be a leader for my boys.  I was raised in church but had not been to church in a long time.  That is why Michael hesitated. He wanted someone that had a relationship with the Lord.  I believe that God put him in my life for that reason.  God put us together and we could not be more thankful to ChristianMingle for being the back drop. 

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