I joined ChristianMingle as a last ditch attempt to find a good Christian guy. I honestly didn’t think I would find anyone so I went in just to have fun. John joined because there weren’t a lot of options where he lived and he wanted to make sure that if he did meet someone, she was a Christian. We started talking in the middle of January 2011. Our first date actually was a last minute thing a week or so later. We were talking and he asked if I was busy. I said that I was headed to a play at the high school. He asked if I minded if he tagged along and I said that was fine.

Since it was a play, we didn’t get to talk a whole lot. When we left I thought to myself, “If nothing else, I made a new friend.” He, however, left knowing that I was the one. So, we sent text messages back and forth for 3 months and in the middle of April, we went on our first actual date. We went bowling. I‘d like to say that I started to fall in love with him at that bowling alley, but it was that 3 months prior through our text messages where I truly started to fall in love with him. Meeting him and getting to actually spend time with him was what sealed the deal. He was so quirky! He could make me laugh with the things he did and said which was refreshing! After bowling, he went with me to a birthday dinner for a friend of mine. We hung out again that next weekend and on April 25 we became “official!”

We were together almost every weekend after that. He lived an hour away, so it made it hard to hang out during the week. Our relationship is unlike anything I have known before. It was as if we had truly known each other forever! We even meshed well with each other’s families. His sister got married in June of 2011 and he wanted to wait until after her wedding to propose. So on July 14, 2011 we went on a double date with my dad and step-mom, where he asked for my hand in marriage while I was in the washroom. That night, he purposed.

We married May 19, 2012. Everything just fell into place with the wedding planning and with our relationship. We truly believe that it is by the grace of God that we met. I know that we are God’s plan for each other because our views are aligned. We can’t thank ChristianMingle enough for being that tool that God used to bring us together!

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