Jen noticed my profile on or around June 8, 2011. Her screen name was Roxy123 and mine was woodrowoption. I did not have email capability at that time, but I wanted her to know that I was interested, so I kept using the smile feature until I could pay the membership fee and email her back.

We conversed via your site’s email on June 16, 2011. She wound up calling me that night as I was driving into work. My birthday was the next day, so we always talk about how she was the best birthday present ever! We continued talking on the phone for the next week. We asked each other important questions, views on life and talked about Jesus Christ, and how he has impacted our lives. We set a dinner date for June 24, 2011, to actually meet in person for the first time and to see if this connection was as real as it felt over the phone. We talked for nearly two hours.  We shared a desert (separate spoons) but it was still a first for both of us to feel that comfortable on a first date.

We parted ways for the evening and we talked the next day to make arrangements to go for a walk, have lunch and watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  On Sunday, she attended church with me.  After church, we went to my house and watched YouTube videos of worship music and we sang along, and prayed.  I had never met anyone that was in love with Jesus like this.  It was awesome!

Things continued moving forward between us.  She and my daughter got along wonderfully, from the start.  We met each other’s family and began to get familiar with each other’s company and started to fall in love.  My family members approved of her and her family approved of me!

On November 10, 2012, I popped the question at a local family restaurant/attraction.  I invited all of our immediate family members.  She had no idea.  I also asked a photographer friend from church to take photos of the proposal.  It was a wonderful day.  She was so surprised!  She said yes after she smooched my face off!  Also, she loved the ring (which was delivered to me by my future best-man in the parking lot of a church we had volunteered at THAT VERY MORNING)!

We were married on June 8, 2013.  It was a magnificent day.  We had lots of family and friends there.  Jen says she felt like a princess marrying her prince charming.  Everything about the wedding day matched up with what she had always dreamed it would be like.

Our experience was successful because we were 100% honest with each other, and on our profiles.  Trusting in what God had in store for us was also HUGE!  We also waited for marital relations to be within the context of marriage.  We believe that is a major, major, major part of a successful experience.

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