It started when John sent me a smile. At first, I thought he lived too far away but then later, my sister made me email him. John and I started by talking on the phone for three weeks and when we got comfortable, we went out on two dates! At the end of the third date, we hugged and said goodbye and he kissed me for the first time on the cheek. I did not expect to feel the way I felt but I was in shock and floating on clouds. I thought that I was going to never call him again before the kiss!

John and I fell in love so fast that people at work started to notice. Soon, John started saying little comments implying “forever” and a future. I am old fashioned but this was really fast! We talked all the time and saw each other on Sundays. After eight weeks, we were engaged! Then, on October 30, 2010, we were married! Thanks, ChristianMingle!

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