After moving to a new state almost one year ago, as a divorced lady of 56 years; I hesitantly signed up for Christian Mingle. Within a couple of weeks I’d found a widowed grandfather of similar age and we started emailing each other. After ten days we finally met – it was like meeting up with an old friend! We had already found out so much about each other, shared our hearts and even exchanged Bible verses in our lengthy emails.

As we continued meeting nearly every day our platonic friendship grew and we soon fell in love. Within six months we were married. We had a huge ‘fairytale’ wedding with our five children and twelve grandchildren in the bridal party. There were 300 family and friends there to witness the joyful event!

We have just returned from a wonderful honeymoon in Paris and London. We are absolutely certain that God brought us together as we are perfectly suited. Along the way there were so many little ‘God-incidences’ which confirmed we were on the right track. We praise God every day for the direction He gave us and we are very thankful to Christian Mingle for providing the opportunity for God to perform His miracles.

Our advice to other Christian Minglers is to trust in God, tune into His voice and be obedient to His direction, even though sometimes it may not seem to be what you want. God really does work in mysterious ways! Don’t let past baggage hold you back, be open to new experiences. Stick to God’s plan for marriage and save the physical side of the relationship until the wedding night – it’s not old fashioned as many would think but allows the relationship to develop without the confusion of too many emotions.

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