Sean and I met on April 2, 2012. I received a message in my ChristianMingle inbox that said, “You have a gorgeous smile,” which ignited the torch that we hold in our hearts for each other to this day. A few days after “messaging/e-mailing” back and forth, we finally were able to have a chat session together. This led to many more chats, which soon became the highlight of our days for the following few weeks.

We eventually decided to exchange phone numbers, and from there the texting/phone calling was non-stop! We both absolutely fell in love with each other long before we met in person. Once we did decide to meet on April 28th, we both knew that we were meant for each other.

Sean insisted on taking the entire four hour drive from Pennsylvania to the Jersey shore to pick me up for our first date. He’s such a gentleman! The day was filled with laughter, hand-holding, long walks on the boardwalk, and best of all, just continuous compatibility and deep conversations throughout the entire day. We both agreed, and still do, that it felt like we had known each other all of our lives. Soon after the first date, another followed, then another, and another, and another. This continued until June 6th, when Sean got down on one knee in our hotel room, during our first vacation together, and proposed!

Just as soon as we were engaged, we were even sooner married. Sean is in the military, preparing to take his first deployment, so we were envisioning a wedding a few years down the road. However, when he was home on leave not long ago, we decided to marry quietly in a Pennsylvania courthouse on November 20th.

Life together has been nothing less than amazing. We both feel that what allowed us to “click” so well with one another was how honest our conversations were. We both wanted a fresh start and didn’t want to begin a relationship with preconceived notions about one another. Truly allowing yourself to be open, and letting the other person see you for all that you are makes the start-up of a happy and healthy relationship pretty much effortless. Lastly, always remembering to stay Christ-centered, consulting with your Father in all things, will absolutely guide you to all the right paths in life and love.

Thank you ChristianMingle! Your site has truly been a blessing for the two of us, and it is our hope that many, many more will find their soul mate, and be successful, in their search for love.

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