Jason Bare is a Christian artist with a bright future ahead. His 2010 Christmas single “For the First Time” soared to No. 1 on the Christian Music Weekly (CMW) Worship Chart and No. 2 on the CMW Inspirational Chart, and his 2011 Kickstarter-funded Christmas album, Have You Heard, was a big success. 

Now Bare is eagerly counting down the days until the release of his latest album, Love is Alive, on Feb. 25, which features 11 tracks of powerful worship music that celebrate the strength of God’s love.

Songs to Touch the Heart

Bare knows that life can be difficult, and he acknowledges that in his music and uses it as a way to reminder listeners that God can always be counted on. “We are bombarded with circumstances, tragedies, insecurities and fears, and all of that blinds us at times,” he says. “It causes us to forget that God is ever present and reaching for us.”

With Love is Alive, Bare says he hopes to touch and change his audience. “There are many things that inspire me when writing, but I think my desire to see people changed through worship, and for them to see the love that God has for them, was driving me as we were writing this project,” he explains.

All 11 tracks on the album have one common element that unites them. According to Bare, “In every song, love and worship is a common theme. It is my prayer that listeners will hear and see that there is a great big God, and his love is very alive and moving all around us, and that their hunger for his presence will grow.”

Perfect Easter Song

Bare is particularly fond of the track “Lamb of God.” He says, “It is a powerful, corporate song of worship. It is particularly perfect for Easter or communion services. The lyrics present Christ, The Lamb of God, in such a glorious way.

“It tells the story of His sacrifice and resurrection with a simply beautiful, moving melody that pulls your heart to worship,” says Bare. “I literally cried while recording this song. Just after writing this song, one of my producers pulled up a picture of Christ with my lyrics, and placed them in front of me. What a challenge… what a moment. Tears flowed as I sang my heart out to my Savior, and I hope this song has the same powerful impact on every listener that hears it.”

Another Crowdfunding Success

Like his Christmas album, Bare used the website Kickstarter to crowdfund Love is Alive. He explains that he found out about the site through his friend, Felicia Barton, who used it to fund her own record in 2011. After using it for Have You Heard, he says, ”Honestly, I really had no intentions of doing another Kickstarter campaign, because I felt it was too soon, and I was afraid I wouldn’t reach my goal. However, with much thought and prayerful consideration, I kicked my faith into high gear, and launched my second campaign… And thank God, once again, my faithful supporters delivered!”
Bare is full of enthusiasm for this latest project and is hopeful that his fans with share it when the album drops on Feb. 25, He says, “I am so thrilled over the release of this new project. I am looking forward to hitting the road, and touring with this new music and message. There are 11 amazing tracks on this album. The music is a fresh new sound for me, with catchy melodies and strong lyrics that will lift the heart of every believer.”

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