The funny thing is… I actually ‘Smiled’ first at Jeff in the summer of 2013. However, he never responded!!  In the next few months, I had a few dates and even made some good friends; however, I didn’t really connect with anyone. Eventually, I went off the site and connected back up at Christmas time (December 2013). At that time, I decided that this was truly going to have to be in God’s control and there was no more settling. If they did not attend church regularly and intend on treating me as Christ loves the church, I was not interested in even meeting them.

Much to my surprise, around January 9, 2014, Jeff sent me a ‘Smile.’  I always felt he and I would have done well for several reasons. First, we both grew up in small towns within two hours of each other. Second, we were both State of TX employees. I was going on my 23rd year and he was on his 21st year with them. We corresponded a few times and decided to meet on Friday, the 17th of January at a the Red River Café in McLean, TX. In our exchange of emails, I made it very clear what I was looking for and stated the things I felt very strongly about. I figured I would run him off with it!  But for me, I had to stand my ground.

As we both got out of our vehicles at the café, we had huge smiles on our faces. He was so handsome and he thought I was so beautiful. We didn’t want the night to end. I drove back to Amarillo, and he drove back to Wellington. He invited me to Wellington on Saturday and we haven’t been apart since that first date. 

To date, Jeff is still the respectable and Christian man he said he was from the start. We are involved in our church, family and community, belong to our local Lion’s Club, and have lots of opportunity to serve in Wellington. The hardest part was leaving my State job and trusting God would take care of my daughter and I in Wellington.  That he has done! My daughter has thrived in school.

I am SO thankful to have a Christian Husband. We constantly work on our marriage, pray together every night, attend bible studies, and thank GOD every night for allowing us to meet. I have never been happier, my daughter feels blessed, and this one meeting on January 9th, 2014 changed our lives forever. It is amazing what a good Christian-based marriage can do and we continue to have Christ lead us daily.

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