From the moment Kevin’s email hit my inbox, my life was forever changed. This amazing man of God was gorgeous, hilarious, and a fellow teacher! We clicked from the very first interaction and neither of us couldn’t wait to hear more about each other.

I still remember what it felt like when we stepped out of our cars and met for the first time. I was elated and could not wait to get to know this man. That first night, we sat and talked for hours over dinner, stayed in a coffee shop until it closed, and finally ended the evening at a 24-hour diner! We’ve talked on the phone every day since then and can hardly wait to spend time together every chance we get.

Although we’d only dated for a few months, neither of us could picture life without the other.
Just last weekend, we made it official. As Kevin got down on one knee to propose, I was overwhelmed with excitement and love like I’ve never known before! It is with sincere gratitude that we both celebrate how God used ChristianMingle to bring us together. We’re always telling others about how fantastic this site really is! Without a doubt, we’ll never be the same again.

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