In June of 2010, James was randomly searching through the ChristianMingle photo gallery when one picture caught his eye. Her name was Jane and she was pretty, so he added her to his Favorites folder. He also noticed that she was living in Ottawa, Canada…2,800 miles from his home in Los Angeles. So he left her among his “favorites” and did nothing.

Jane saw that someone had added her to his Favorites folder…and that someone was ignoring her. So she decided to contact him: “Would you like to chat sometime?” And so it began.

Over the next months, they emailed and chatted and confessed their love and broke up three times and got back together three times. Then in December they finally met in person in Toronto, on a Sunday, and attended church together. They knew then that they never wanted to be apart.

Part they did, Jane back to Ottawa and James to Los Angeles. Three weeks later, however, Jane found herself in LA, visiting James, the two of them once more swearing never to part.

Soon it was goodbye again. Jane decided that 2,800 miles of separation was too easy, so she moved back to her former home in Edinburgh, Scotland…an additional 3,100 miles from LA. Now that was a challenge!

The match made in Mingle would not be put asunder. More correspondence, more longing, more heartache.

Two months later, in February of 2011, Jane returned to the States and this time never would leave. In April, James and Jane determined to marry. In May, they did just that.

Thank you, Father God, and thank you, Christian Mingle, for bringing together two people who…on their own…never would have known of each other’s existence.

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