My husband and I met on ChristianMingle two and a half years ago. He was 38 years old, from San Antonio, TX and he had lost his wife and child. I was a 30 year old special education teacher in Tulsa, OK. We spoke on the computer and by phone for a month but I never thought it would work because of the distance. It was only after we met face to face, when we both knew without a doubt it was meant to be. We both traveled to each other’s towns and began praying together about how it would work out.

After two months, we got engaged on April 10, 2009. We were married August 8, 2009, our 6 month anniversary. I moved to San Antonio and we started our family here! We now have a very handsome 6 month old boy, Brody. My husband is overjoyed that he has a second chance to have a family and I am so blessed to have found the love of my life. By 30, I thought I would not find anyone and had given up on the hope of having a family of my own.  We are both just amazed at how God has worked and blessed our lives. We are now being blessed again because are moving to the Dallas area which will be half between our families. We would have never met if it were not for ChristianMingle and our Lord above! Thank you!

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