When I first joined ChristianMingle in March 2014, I did it because my friends felt I needed to be distracted from my recent divorce and that I needed to have some fun. I had walked through the mountains and valleys to get to a place of hope after divorce. I had no real expectations from joining other than the hope to meet new people and get to know what life is like dating again at this stage of my life. After being a member for a few months and dating a little, I cancelled my membership.

On July 23, out of curiosity, I got back on the site and found out that if I reactivated my account that I had a few months left of a full membership. That day, I received a message from Anthony1003. I replied and we instantly began messaging daily. Little did I know that he had only been a member for less than a week. Every time I read his messages, I would smile. I felt a connection to a man who I had never seen or even heard his voice. Soon we exchanged cell phone numbers, and this led to all-night texting sessions. It was fun, and fun was something I hadn’t experienced in such a long time!

From the moment of his first message to me until this day I have not felt lonely, and I have not had one day without smiling because of his thoughtful texts, messages and phone calls. After a few weeks of messaging, we met in person, only to find out that his family lived only a few miles from me and that we had multiple things in common. That first date led to many, many more, each one leading me to feel closer to him, to trust him and to quickly fall in love with him.

On October 24, 2015, one day before my birthday, John planned for us to go out to dinner. When he came to pick me up in front of my house on the farm, he ended up surprising me with a photographer who filmed his proposal and then took our engagement photos in front of the horses while the sun set. It was perfect and beautiful.

John has told me many times that he has been waiting for me his entire life. I feel the same. Every good and perfect gift truly comes from above. God restores what seems too broken to be healed, and I’m beyond thankful that in less than six months I will be getting married to the man who makes me smile every time I think of him. My friends tell me that I seem happier and freer than I have ever been. This I know to be true. Thank you, ChristianMingle, for making it possible for us to meet and for giving me the chance to believe in love again. John is a gift, one that I will always cherish. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t gotten on CM that day.

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