Ernie and I met October 18, 2010 on ChristianMingle. His ex-wife’s sister was actually the one who got him to join. As for me, my best friend of 38 years had tried ChristianMingle and suggested it to me. I had been through a string of bad relationships and I would go walking every night and pray that God either let me be happy alone or meet the man I knew was out there for me.

Ernie and I immediately hit it off and we would talk for hours every night. The most unbelievable thing about us meeting was the fact that he lived in Shreveport, Louisiana and I lived in Midland, Texas. We lived exactly 500 miles apart! He sent me a smile and I replied, “Back at you, Louisiana Boy”. I really felt there was no chance for us because I loved Midland dearly and I knew there was little chance he was leaving Shreveport. I prayed a lot about it.

The thing that helped us decide was that my entire family lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana. My middle daughter had just moved there, so when my youngest and my oldest decided they wanted to leave Midland it was like a sign that he and I should be together. Throughout our dating, Ernie could not leave his job very often so I would make the drive up every two weeks to visit him.

I wanted to get to know him backwards and forwards. I had been through too much in my other relationships. During this process, I observed how he treated his children and how they treated him. I observed how the people who knew him best spoke of him and even observed what his ex-wife’s family thought of him. It was all good!

On July 7, 2011, Ernie proposed to me by painting “’Will You Marry Me?” on a soccer field. I accepted and we were married on August 30, 2011. I am going to be realistic and say that it has taken a lot of work and adjustment for both of us but after all, that is what marriage is. The important thing is that we were married in the presence of God and we love each other truly and deeply!

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