I was adamant about not meeting anyone online, and like most people, I was just ‘looking’ to see what was out there.

Jeremy (Jchristianson) sent me a smile, but I didn’t have a paid account, so we kept smiling at each other until we were able to contact one another and meet in person.

When we first met, I thought he was a great guy, but no immediate sparks. I got to know him as a person and saw what a wonderful guy he was, in fact in time, I felt confirmation from God that he was the one I’d waited my whole life for. Our friendship soon blossomed into love and we are now an “exclusive couple”. We keep remarking on how uncannily we match each other. I often tell him that I think he’s the boy version of me! I know God has brought us together and I am thankful everyday to Him for Jeremy.

Cheesy as it sounds, I never knew true (human) love until I met Jeremy. We are planning on getting married next year and just cannot wait to start our lives together as husband and wife! Big ups to ChristianMingle for contributing to our meeting!

***Update as of 7/8/10***
On the 23rd of this month, Jeremy and I will be celebrating our first year of dating. We started chatting online July 11 and met for the first time in person on July 23, 2009. We were married on May 29th.

-jmabellou & Jchristianson

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