Cocky versus Confidence

More often than not, people mistake being “cocky” in place of “confidence”.  Cockiness in people’s eyes is a self indulgent snob who can care less about the people around them.

However, the dictionary labels cockiness as:

“Very self-confident or self-assertive”

We often jump to conclusions and mindlessly self-judge people without notice.  Majority of times, people who seem Cocky to us makes us feel inferior in someway through jealousy or  judging too quickly.  Unless that person is a total jerk to people around them, I encourage you next time to stop and open your minds for a second to look at a different point of view of that person.

Lil Wayne Theory

Rap artist Lil Wayne calls himself the greatest rapper alive.  Now most people may disagree and some people may actually agree on that statement, we may never know if he’s the greatest rapper alive but he is already achieved that status without even proving it.  Read his exact quote below:

“I don’t think I’m better than anybody personally. I don’t think I’m better than anybody spiritually. I don’t think I’m better than anybody in any way or form or fashion. But as far as this rap thing, I think I am better than everybody. I’m a competitor and I hope everybody feels the same way about their craft.”

Lil Wayne has just shown that his state of mind is that already he is the best and in order to be the best you have to first think that you are the best before you do anything else.

The first step is getting your head in the game, getting in that mental state to prepare you for your end line goal and status.  Going back to proverb 23:7 What a man thinketh, so is he just signifies that whatever you believe, you become.  Think like a winner, you are a winner.  Think like you might fail, then you will fail.


It’s okay to be confident.  It’s okay to show that you are assertive and you know your stuff.  People will always judge and critique on the sidelines, it’s up to you to be the forefront and stand out from the rest.  Be Bold, Be a Leader, Show that whatever you do you do it with a Rockstar confidence.  Own your strengths and don’t focus on your weakness, everyone has them but focus more on improving your strengths.

The people who don’t succeed spends majority of their time blending in and judging everyone while they sit back and watch everyone surpass them in life.  Do you want to be that person who just feeds into negative energy? Sure call me Cocky but it’s my confidence in my ability to do whatever in life is what’s going to make me successful, how about you?

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