Ladies, let’s get real. The formula for finding a man isn’t rocket science.

Formula to Find a Man

Short skirt + Crowded Bar = Man. Bingo!

Congratulations! You’ve done it! Cue up the streamers, balloons and organ music.

Now before you all get crazy on me with your battle cries of, “Not all of us ladies want to dress like a skank to grab a man…this is supposed to be a Christian website…” bla bla bla, let me suggest you read the title of my formula carefully.

I didn’t say it was the right formula.

Nor did I mention you’d find a great man

But I promise you with 100% of my being that, should you stick to it, you’ll find some male interested in you. If not the real you, the physical you. 

For those that want more out of life and love, you’re going to need a new formula, aren’t you?

A More Complicated Formula

The problem (pun intended) with the next formula is that so many women want answers, but they’re not willing to show their work. Not unlike my kids who are learning more complicated math equations, we ladies want big results but aren’t willing to engage in the frustrating aspects of our dating formulas that require thought, effort and consistency. We insist on short cuts, so we get inadequate results – something that looks like an answer, but is really just the sum of bad problem solving. Like a math problem, if we can’t go through the right steps and show our work, our answer is really just a bigger set of problems. 

The real question for you – which I always ask my kids – is: Are you willing to take some time to learn what works so you can have excellent results? Can you show on paper exactly what you are doing to get the answer? If not, here’s your chance. 

Grab Your Pencils and Take This Test

Here’s a quiz for you. It’s a simple “yes” or “no” format. At the end, you’ll know if this guy is worth pursuing or keeping.

1. Is he a Christian? (If “no” skip #2 – 10 to save yourself a lot of heartache.)

2. If he is a Christian, does he actively pursue his faith? Church, outreach, prayer, volunteering?)

3. Does he keep his word when he says he’s going to do something?

4. Is he driven by Jesus as opposed to ego?

5. Does he only have eyes for you and never flirts with others?

6. Does he have a strong work ethic?

7. Does he resemble a grown up over a frat boy?

8. Does he respect your boundaries when it comes to sex and physical relations?

9. Does he show grace under pressure?

10. Does he show a servants heart as opposed to being over critical?


Give yourself 1 point for every yes, 0 points for every no.

10 points: Ding ding ding! Give it at least 6 months, but if his track record holds true, set up a time with your pastor and consider him for the long run.

6 – 9 points: He’s got potential. Look at the areas he’s lacking in and see if he is growing in them. See if, with guidance and example, he is willing to let go of some childish behaviors in favor for manly ones.

5 – 8 points: He might be fun to date, but he’s not marriage material. Have fun, flirt, see what you can learn, but don’t be surprised if you fall in love and he breaks your heart.

1 – 3 points: Ruuuuuuun.

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