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Someone wrote me last week, stating that she felt God would never provide her with the right man. She was giving up hope. I reminded her, as I often remind myself, that sometimes we have to take a risk in life to step out of our comfort zones. Yes, meeting someone would be awesome, but maybe God wants us to first have a relationship with him before making a relationship with a man work. 

Personally, this post was a good reminder for me this week. It’s so easy for me to get stuck on things that aren’t working in my marriage, instead of what it is. 

I hope like me, you ladies will find the courage to trust in your God, not just your feelings, to become women of victory. I will be praying for you, and hope you’ll do the same for me. Our relatonships, both present and future, depend on it.


If there’s anything I love most about my job as Community Manger for Believe.com, it’s the incredible artists I have come in contact with.

Sometimes I’m approached by a publicist with a request to interview the Biblical consultant of Noah.

Sometimes I am asked to attend screenings such as Son of God.

Other times I do pre-press release for movies like Heaven is for Real  or Deliver Me From Evil, where I have the privilege of speaking to top directors in the entertainment field.

While I’d lie if I said that chatting with some known names in the Christian community wasn’t a whole lot of fun, I get the biggest kick out of people I have discovered on my own. Like traveling down a country road without a GPS (yes, that is still possible for some of us adventure-minded folk), there is magic in discovering new sites and voices that leave a lasting imprint on my heart.

One writer that comes to the top of my mind is Leanne Penny, recently featured in our “I’m a Believer” campaign. Head on over to her website and give her some love! She just moved into a new home, her husband is planting a new church, she has two babies under six years old and is preggers with a third. Plus, she uses a ridiculously old strainer for her homemade chicken broth stock. (It pains me to look at it! angry. I’d personally feel soooo much better if I knew she was being supported by some positive words from our wonderful community! cheeky)

Another writer I’m always impressed with is our very own Doreen Lecheler. Utlizing teaching videos and accompanying learning lessons, she’s passionate about helping women unleash their God given destiny.

Today’s newsletter is no exception when it comes to new talent. Jennifer Mobley Thompson is a self-proclaimed Bible nerd who I met about eight years ago from my personal website. She was blogging about cancer, I was blogging about parenthood, and together – as two strangers – we became friends through our love of life and words.(I wasn’t even a Christian yet!) Now here she is, writing about seven ladies from the Bible who dared to rise from their circumstances and do something powerful with their lives. This article is so good. I dare you to read it.

Do you ever feel scared?

Do you ever feel alone?

Do you ever feel like you will never amount to someone of worth?

Well guess what, you already are.

I will give thanks to you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful. My soul knows that very well. -  Psalm 139:14

Here’s 9 more things you can do to change your mindset. I’ve included a ton of links to articles I’ve written on the subject. 

9 Tips to Live Life as a Daring Woman of God

1. Read the above writers for inspiration: They are every day folk like you and me. Their words are game changers. You’ll be surprised that being insecure, terrified and lonely aren’t just normal feelings, they are often huge signs that our lives are about to change. God doesn’t care about our feelings – he cares about our purpose. 

2. Read your Bible: Ten minutes a day can transform your mood. Um, I sometimes have to put down my favorite Scottish Highlander book for the Big Book. But Jesus is worth it.

3. Read a devotional: Does reading the Bible every day bring out a rebel church lady tantrum in you? It does for me. Lucky for women like us, there’s more than one way to skin a spiritual cat. How about something by Believe.com’s contributing writer Renee Fisher? She has a lovely Dream Devotional to help jumpstart your confidence and desires, Jesus style.  

4. Join a Bible study: How about something from CBS? I am telling you, sister to sister, that being part of a group of solid, intellectual, spiritually minded women changed my entire outlook on parenting and marriage. I am now God-confident, not self-confident.

5. Meditate: Get quiet and meditate. (I need to preach that to myself. Okay, okay, I get it!) Instead of a new age mantra, perhaps repeat your favorite Bible verse over and over which leads me to #6.

6. Memorize Bible verses: Full disclosure: I can’t think of one Bible verse off the top of my head that I know word for word. But I love this one, so I’m memorizing it: She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25

7. Be of service: This is my favorite quote: “Careful – You might be the only Bible anyone ever reads.” Instead of preaching the word a la some rabid door to door Christian crazy, consider LIVING the word through your actions.

8. Volunteer: In addition to being of service, consider doing something with your gifts. Stuck at home in a wheelchair? Get on the internet and write letters to soldiers. Great at sports? Help out your local single mom by taking her son or daughter to the tennis courts one day. Taking the focus off of you and onto someone else can make a huge difference in your mood.

9. Praise: What do you do in terms of praise? Sometimes I listen to worship music in the car, but not enough. I am going to download some of my church’s worship band music so I not only have new songs to sing to renew my mind, but I can also be more involved at church services. You might also consider checking out Aaron Niequist’s CD. Hubby to writer Shana Niequist, this guy is an amazing composer and all around great man of God. LOVED chatting with him.

10. Join a Great Church! If your church isn’t making you sing with joy, time to find a new church. I wrote this article just for you.

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