It is often in the face of great adversity that we turn to a higher power to help us heal the pain. Such is the case for Ron who, after losing his father and ending a three-year relationship, wanted to find a woman who really loved God. Having heard of®, the fastest growing online community for Christian men and women looking for friendship, dating and marriage, Ron made the decision to join the site. In fact, he wasted no time in posting a profile that declared he was “Looking for my missing rib.”   It wouldn’t be long before Ron met Dora.

It all started with a simple online Flirt, one of the tools available on the site to help members demonstrate their interest in potential matches.  Ron reached out to Dora and although she replied almost instantly, she appeared absent on the site for quite some time thereafter. But this didn’t stop Ron from visiting Dora’s profile every day. Determined not to let his potential soul mate get away, Ron mustered up the courage to send Dora an email asking where she had gone. After two weeks of waiting for a response, Dora finally reemerged.

The connection was almost instantaneous. “I was so attracted to her, it wasn’t even funny,” Ron said of their hour-long chat sessions online. “My heart was pounding as we talked. I felt like a young man.” These budding IM conversations soon turned into hours of talk time on the phone and, shortly thereafter, the two finally decided to meet in person.

After much anticipation, Ron and Dora greeted each other outside a coffee shop in Concord, California, and sat talking for hours. Laughing and reminiscing about their interactions online, both Ron and Dora agreed they were incredibly thankful to ChristianMingle, the site which helped them find each other based on their love for, and faith in, the Lord.

In fact, the two would meet at the very same spot three more times, leading Ron to believe he had finally found “that perfect woman who fits perfectly in the place where I was missing a rib.”

In August of 2010, Ron asked Dora to marry him and it would be only two short months before they tied the knot. Thankful to God for bringing Dora into his life, the couple is adamant “to encourage others to keep on looking,” said Ron. “It’s about looking for a connection that far surpasses looks and money. It’s called love.”

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