I think God likes to see us happy.

I was thinking that recently as I had a fantastic day. Nothing phenomenal happened. It was just an ordinary day, with ordinary errands. But there was sunshine. And I love the sunshine. And I had “me” time (which I also needed.) I treated myself to a lunch. I got things accomplished.

I felt good.

I found myself singing in my car, looking up at the sky and envisioning God smiling down at me.

Yes, I think God enjoys it when we are in a good moment and we know it.

I think, just as a parent feels good when they see their children excited, happy or singing and dancing … so does our Lord. He might just get a twinkle in His eyes, or have laugh lines show up when He laughs at our enthusiasm. And more than that, I think He tenderly and lovingly looks down on us.

What a great thought.

So much goes on in the world today. There is so much to make us frown, stress about and be serious about.  But if it’s one thing believers can do differently, it’s show joy. Joy despite pain, joy in spite of hard times and joy in the midst of trials.

It feels good – to feel good. And it feels good – to know it. To recognize that you are having a good day. That you are feeling good. That things are going well.

Relish in it. Sing at the top of your lungs to your favorite songs, dance, skip, smile lots and smile often.

For God is good. ALL the time.

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