I think we’d be surprised to know how many people in this world actually like the person of Jesus Christ, but aren’t keen of becoming a Christian due to the examples set forth by His followers.

For centuries we’ve used different tools and methodologies to reach people in the name of Christ, but I feel like the ideology of the great commission was intended to be more simple than we make it out to be.

I believe we need to re-think the way we are evangelizing, witnessing, making disciples or whatever else you may call it. Why? Because the way we’re working isn’t working anymore. Church attendance is on the decline, and the amount of self-proclaimed believers is getting lower every single day.

Why You Ask? 

1. I believe some of our techniques are flawed and outdated.

– The bullhorns and picket signs need to go. You’re not helping anyone.

2. I believe sometimes our approach comes off as judgmental and arrogant.

– You’re not better than anyone, regardless of their belief or disbelief. 

3. I believe some of our focus has become less about sharing God’s love, and more about gaining bigger crowds.

God doesn’t care about your attendance. He cares about your motives. 

We Must Stop Judging:

As a Christian, your job isn’t to judge someone because they don’t have the same beliefs you do. If you act like a pompous jerk, don’t be surprised when they aren’t keen on joining your Jesus train.

Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.Matthew 7:1

We Must Re-Think Evangelism:

We need to re-think the way we are evangelizing, witnessing, making disciples or whatever else you may call it. We must begin to ask ourselves if we are truly reflecting an image of Christ, or an opposite result that is actually harming the expansion of The Gospel.

And do everything with love.1 Corinthians 6:15

The Church of Jesus Christ is perfect and flawless, but the reality is we as people are not. I understand that we all make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the fact we need to change the way we are doing things.

I want us to begin evaluating the way we live our lives as Christians. Are we truly reflecting the purity and love of Jesus, or have we cracked the very foundation we are called to live on?

I don’t blame people for being timid in their choice of following Christ. Why you ask? Because some of us are pretty crappy examples of Him.

I know there are plenty of things I need to get better at. With that being said, I hope we can all begin exuding a brighter image of Jesus that is not only pure and loving, but graceful and forgiving.

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.Matthew 28:19

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