Back by popular demand is’s second “I’m a Believer” campaign, celebrating some of the newest Christian contributors and community members who are committed to sharing their faith and advice. We hope their transparent honesty will inspire your personal walk with Jesus as well.

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Leanne Penny recently joined the team of contributors.  She would like to share with you her testimony of why she believes in Jesus Christ, as well as why she is thrilled to share her faith with the community. To view more testimonials and other contributors, click the banner above. 


Tragedy struck big time in my early twenties. I wondered exactly where God was. But He showed up in ways I never would have expected. I’m Leanne Penny, and this is my story.

Growing up I thought I knew what to expect from life, I thought I knew who God was and what it meant that he had a plan for my life. 

In my twenties I lost both my parents to traumatic deaths and my younger sister was involved in a car accident that left her with brain damage. Our family fell apart, I was orphaned, broken and angry.

Who was God? Did he even love me? How could he allow so much to happen to one person, to one family? How could I trust him with my future? How could I stand with the rest of my church friends and declare him “good all the time?”

Christianity felt like something I wasn’t shiny enough for anymore.

It was in these questions, these seasons of deep grief that I came to learn that we don’t serve a God of easy answers.

That God isn’t in the painful loss, but in the love that follows it, in the gentle support of friends and soft sustaining of our lives.

Faith isn’t easy and it’s not black and white, but it’s deep enough to handle our questions and strong enough to carry us when we’re broken. 

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When Leanne isn’t busy moving into her new home, raising two kids five and under, carrying a third baby and helping her husband plant a new church, she is writing! You won’t want to miss out on her amazing skills. 





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